What Is 'Meet A Missionary'?

'Meet a Missionary' is all about giving young people an interactive encounter with Catholic Missionaries who are living out the gospel in countries all over the world. Young people get a unique opportunity to hear first-hand about the highs and lows of missionaries’ experiences - experiences which often cross cultural boundaries, span monumental historical and political shifts and plant them firmly outside of their comfort zone.

Missionaries often work thousands of miles away. Technology now makes it possible to bring their stories to life into the heart of classrooms and parishes in the UK. 

Benefits of 'Meet A Missionary'

'Meeting a Missionary' helps give young people time and space to think about what mission means to them in their own lives. It challenges them to foster a ‘missionary attitude’ and enrich their understanding of what ‘faith in action’ looks like around the world. 

Young people can encounter the global catholic community through a human face, with real personal testimony.

Meeting a missionary has taught me to be less afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone
— Student from Sacred Heart School, Hammersmith

How it works

The ‘Meet a Missionary’ project offers young people in the UK an opportunity to interview a Catholic missionary via Skype or in person.

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Case Study


A Conversation Across the Ocean

Susan Auguste is one of six British people living on the small volcanic island of Rodrigues, 450 miles north-east of Mauritius, where she runs the only special needs school on the island. Susan was interviewed by students from Sacred Heart school in Hammersmith when they ran their ‘Meet a Missionary’ session.

The students, who are all part of the school’s justice and peace group, found out why Susan, a lay person, first decided to travel to Rodrigues, how she adapted to a new culture and what inspires her to continue her ministry there.

After a few technical glitches with the sound, the young ladies of Sacred Heart were soon firing their questions across the Indian Ocean. The questions ranged from “What is the typical food on the island?”, to “What is the most challenging part of your work?”.

At the end, some of the students shared the things they’ll do differently because of what they learned from the encounter with Susan:

“Make a plan for myself", "Be more grateful for what I have", "Say yes more", "Learn more about different cultures" and "Be less afraid of being out of my comfort zone".

If you’d like to run a ‘Meet a Missionary’ session, check out our Missionaries page to find out who might be available to be an interviewee





Toolkit - PDF

The ‘Meet a Missionary’ toolkit guides youth leaders through a 60-90 minute ‘Meet a Missionary’ workshop for young people which includes: a selection of warm-up activities, guidance for the interview with a missionary and a selection of follow-up activities.


Who Is a Missionary - Powerpoint

This PowerPoint is one of the warm-up activities featured in the toolkit. 

what is.jpg

Plan B - Powerpoint

Plan B is an activity that can be used instead of the live missionary interview, if for some reason the internet fails during the workshop. 


Safeguarding guidance - PDF

This guidance provides additional considerations for youth leaders using the ‘Meet a Missionary’ resource, which act as a supplement to youth leaders’ own safeguarding policies.

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